The Wales Interpretation and Translation Service (WITS) works with a wide range of organisations throughout Wales, sourcing interpreters and translators to support them to deliver services to those who don’t speak Welsh or English as their first language. Wales has a diverse population and as the public sector evolves to the changing dynamic and needs of its citizens, it’s vital we adapt to meet demand.

The aim is to enhance proficiency when public sector officers and interpreters/translators work together, in today’s diverse communities, clear and accurate communicate is vital. This training aims to equip you with skills and insights to collaborate seamlessly together, ensuring access to services and information for all.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, Police office, social worker or in any public sector role, our e-modules will give you some insight in working with interpreters and translators.

We recommend you complete ‘Working with interpreters and translators in the public sector’ first as this will give you an understanding when working with WITS and interpreters/translators.

Further e-learning available includes:

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